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Kingdom Rhythm and Pixels

So it certainly has been a while since I’ve been on a Podcast; the last one I did was with “The Geek Music Podcast“, which sadly is no longer in production. So when “Rhythm and Pixels” came to me and said they wanted to do an interview, and given how they were ecstatic to talk more Kingdom Hearts with me, and after I just finished a Kingdom Hearts based music production, I wholeheartedly said yes!

I had a great time with the dynamic duo Rob and Pernell; two excellent hosts and masters of their craft. I felt invited, loved the chill tone and just geeking out about multiple games and soundtracks. I’ve run into a few new tunes as well! We had some great laughs, and honestly, I think they’ve become one of my new favorite podcasts to be on, right next to Press Start to Continue!


That said, I must request a golf clap on my behalf in braving the Kingdom Hearts explanation task. It certainly wasn’t easy, but you’ve got to give me some credit!

Episode 17-3 of the Rhythm and Pixel podcast is available on iTunes, public RSS feed (this method works best for Pocket Cast users), and more which you can find on their website,




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